VOA; 'Obama to Reverse Course on US Military Posture in Afghanistan'

Afghan Taliban Militants

Afghan Taliban Militants

The Obama Administration has apparently decided to keep more US troops in Afghanistan:

Obama to Reverse Course on US Military Posture in Afghanistan

October 15, 2015

U.S. President Barack Obama is expected to announce Thursday that he will slow down the planned withdrawal of American military forces from Afghanistan scheduled for next year.

An unnamed senior administration official said the president will maintain the current number of troops in the war-torn country at 9,800 through most of 2016, before trimming that number to 5,500 by the time he leaves office in January 2017.

Obama made the pledge last year to remove all U.S. forces from Afghanistan by the end of 2016, with the exception of a small contingent of 1,000 troops based at the U.S. embassy in Kabul. He said it was time for the U.S. to “turn the page” on a war launched in 2001 in response to the terrorist attacks on the United States.

Obama Slows US Troop Withdrawal From Afghanistan

October 15, 2015


For an American president who came into office with a promise to end U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the announcement to slow the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan was likely not an easy one.

“I do not support the idea of endless war,” President Barack Obama said. “I repeatedly argued against marching into open-ended military conflicts that do serve our core security interests.”

Flanked by Defense Secretary Ash Carter, Vice President Joe Biden and the Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Joseph Dunford, Obama announced Thursday he will maintain the current number of American troops in Afghanistan at 9,800 through most of 2016, before trimming that number to 5,500 by the time he leaves office in January 2017.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani welcomed the decision Thursday, saying in a statement that it followed “several months of continued talks between the two Presidents.” http://www.voanews.com/content/obama-to-reverse-course-on-us-military-posture-in-afghanistan/3007275.html

When George W. Bush was president, the USA kicked the Taliban out of the top leadership of Afghanistan. Yet, the Taliban still remain in that nation. Islamists figured out some time ago that they can often outlast the USA if they wait long enough. Although President Obama said before that the Taliban was defeated, his public statements about that were overly optimistic.

I have warned for some time that the situation in Afghanistan was not going as well as the USA has publicly declared or hoped.

For example, on October 26, 2014 (see USA and UK cease combat operations in Afghanistan: What’s next?), I wrote:

The ceasing of combat operations by the UK and USA is not a victory in Afghanistan. It is a pause so that troops can be pulled out. It will not bring real peace to the region. At least some in Afghanistan will likely support the rise of a leader that the Bible refers to as the final King of the South.

On March 9, 2013 (see Taliban suicide bombing in Afghanistan: Considered to be a warning?), I wrote:

Unless the USA keeps enough troops in Afghanistan (which it is not intending to do), the situation there will change to something that the USA has claimed that it does not want. The Taliban, other Islamic groups, and tribal leaders will pretty much insure that.

The USA did not defeat the Taliban in Afghanistan–it basically ‘kicked the can further down the road.’ After seeing what happened to Iraq after the USA ceased ‘combat operations’ this should make it clear that Afghanistan is not secure. Afghanistan needs the Kingdom of God.

All the fighting, killing, and terrorism in the Middle East and North Africa are getting political and religious leaders to rethink their approach to the region. But not to turn to the Bible.

The time will come when a confederation of nations from North Africa and the Middle East will form, which the Bible refers to as the finalKing of the South (Daniel 11:40-43). Political leaders outside of the region apparently will support this. Though this will not end well for the participants (cf. Daniel 11:39-43; Ezekiel 30:2-8).

The Obama Administration’s latest announcement shows that the USA did not get the political solution it wanted in Afghanistan...