Weekly News Summary 13 September 2018

In Europe, we continue to see steps to control the Internet. The EU passed a bill that could greatly affect websites that report news, like the COGwriter.com site (see EU debating an ‘Internet Extinction-Level’ event?). While we could ‘work around’ some of the possible rules, it would make doing the work more difficult. Furthermore, the EU also declared yesterday that “extremist content”  needs to be removed from the Internet within one hour. Please realize that teaching the millennium and standing for the true gospel of the kingdom of God is already considered to be “extremist” by some.

Weekly News Summary 6 September 2018

he British exit (Brexit) from the European Union continues to be in the news. There are major disagreements in the UK about it, while the EU wants to insure that the UK will suffer because of its decision to leave the EU . Please understand that no matter what deal (including possibly, officially, no deal) there develops between the EU and UK, the Europeans will one day take vengeance against the UK (cf. Daniel 8:24-25).