Unitarianism? How is God One?

Does the one God consist of more than one Person? What do we see in the Book of Genesis? Is Elohiym some type of a uniplural noun? Is God some type of family? What does the Bible teach? What did Jesus, the apostles, and their early followers teach? What can we learn from the oldest preserved Christian sermon outside of the New Testament? What did Ignatius, Polycarp, Justin Martyr, Melito, Irenaeus, Origin, Heraclides, Lucian, and Hippolytus teach? Is Jesus another name for the archangel Michael? …

China's biblical past and prophetic actions

Where did the Chinese people come from? Is there evidence that the Chinese peoples must have known about various accounts in the Book of Genesis up until their dispersion after the Tower of Babel? What do Chinese writings and characters help show? What about the Garden of Eden, Noah's Flood, and the Tower of Babel? When did Christianity first come to China? What about the Apostle Thomas? Did Confucius say anything to get the Chinese to possibly consider Christianity? …

The Didache, Ignatius, and the Lord's Way

Did early Jewish and Gentile Christians observe Saturday or Sunday? Are you ready to give a true answer to that question? The late Cardinal Danielou claimed that the Didache and Ignatius's Letter to the Magnesians pointed to Sunday. Have those documents been intentionally mistranslated? How can someone who does not know koine Greek prove that? Does the Didache teach that Christians are to keep Sunday or might it be referring to Passover?

The Ten Commandments and the failure to love (1 of 3)

Steve Dupuie discusses the two great laws of God - Matthew 22:37-40 reads:

37 Jesus said to him, “‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ 38 This is the first and great commandment. 39 And the second is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ 40 On these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets.”

Can you keep the Sabbath and your job?

Some have said, "I'd like to keep the Sabbath, but I can't. I have to work on Saturday." Is it possible to keep your job and keep the Sabbath (and the other Holy Days)? What about getting a college or university degree? How should you approach your boss or teachers about the Sabbath? What is "reasonable accommodation'? What about working on the Sabbath during the 'busy season'? How should you act?

Exodus 26-32: Tabernacle, Golden Calf, and Book of Life

Exodus 26-31 focuses the making of the tabernacle, priestly garments, and the altar (some artists' representations of these are shown in this video). Various sacrifices are also discussed. In Exodus 32, we see the rebellion of the children of Israel and the making and worship of the golden calf. We see Moses pleading for mercy for the people and a reference to the Book of Life. The Book of Life is also mentioned elsewhere in both the Old and New Testaments, and Dr. Thiel mentions who will be listed in the Book of Life and who will not be. …

7th Day of Unleavened Bread: Prophecy and Lessons

Is Christ's Passover sacrifice the only thing Christians should pay attention to? What do the Days of Unleavened Bread picture? What happened historically on the seventh day of unleavened bread? Could Sodom and Gomorrah have been destroyed on the last day of unleavened bread? When and how long was the Red Sea crossing? Could Egypt represent 'sin,' Pharaoh 'Satan,' and Egypt's armies 'demons?' …

Did Peter, Paul, & John keep Easter Sunday or Passover?

The fifth century historian Socrates Scholasticus wrote the those of Asia Minor said they kept Passover on the 14th of Nisan following the practices of the Apostle John, whereas those of the Romans and the West observed what is now called Easter Sunday following the practices of the Apostles Peter and Paul. Socrates claimed that neither side had written evidence to back up their claims. But what does the Bible reveal? Do the earliest records outside the Bible point to the apostles keeping the 14 of Nisan or Easter Sunday.

Exodus 25: Ark of the Covenant and the Mercy Seat

Exodus 25 introduces instructions for the Ark of the Covenant and Mercy Seat. What do they represent? What about the tabernacle and showbread? Might the Ark of the Covenant exist? Could the Ark be in Ethiopia? What about Hitler's SS troops? Could Jeremiah the prophet have brought it to Ireland? Was there a fulfilled dream related to the Ark of the Covenant? Do Jews, Catholics, or Musims have traditions about finding the Ark? What might Josiah have done with it? Could the Ark of the Covenant be in Israel? …