The Man of Sin will deceive most ‘Christians’

In 2 Thessalonians 2, the Apostle Paul writes about one called the man of sin, the son of perdition, the lawless one. Is this person the beast of the sea or the beast of the earth of Revelation 13? Is he the King of the North or the False Prophet? Is he the Antichrist or the papacy? Is he someone in the Church of God? What are various Catholic, Protestant, and Church of God views? Are those views based upon tradition or scripture? Are some views at least partially right? Are the radical preterists right? …

Really examine yourself before Passover

In 1 Corinthians 11, the Apostle Paul admonishes Christians to examine themselves before they take the bread and wine of Passover. The Book of Lamentations says to examine ourselves and not complain. Do Christians sin? What should be done about it? Should Christians remove physical leaven? Is looking for spiritual leaven a weightier matter? What is leaven anyway?

Music, Hillsong, and the False Gospel

Musical instruments were mentioned in the Book of Genesis, Music is present all over in the 21st century. How does music affect the mind and body? Is it okay to listen to music? Should lyric matter? Are there biblical principles to consider related to music? Can Christians listen to secular music? Is harp music always good? Is "Contemporary Christian Music" biblically appropriate? Has money overly influenced the "Christian music industry"?

Theophilus: Trinitarian or Binitarian?

Roman and Eastern Catholics consider Theophilus of Antioch a saint, as do Protestant scholars. He is even in the “succession list” of the Antiochian Eastern Orthodox Church. Did he teach doctrines more in line with the Continuing Church of God? What did Theophilus teach about idolatry, the Sabbath, immortality, the resurrection, and the Ten Commandments? Did he teach a trinitarian or binitarian view of the Godhead? …

Ecclesiastes 1-3: Vanity or Biblical Focus?

Can your life be a waste? “Vanity of vanities” says the Preacher. Who wrote the Book of Ecclesiastes? When was it written? Do modern secular scholars disagree with the word of God? If you have more money, power, sexual opportunities, food, wine, and world renowned projects than any one else, could that be vanity, grasping against the wind? What should your priorities be? Is money evil? Is compromise acceptable? Does wisdom excel folly? Can sin be pleasurable? Does God have eternal pleasures for His people?

The Smyrna Church Era

Smyrna is the second of the seven churches of Revelation. What were the years that Smyrna appeared dominant? Where there any similarities in the message that Jesus gave to the Church of God in Smyrna and the one in Philadelphia? What were many of the doctrines that the Smyrnaeans held? Did the Church in Smyrna have apostolic succession? Did they have the original faith?

The Bible, the USA, and the King of the West

Jesus said people from the north, south, east, and west will sit down in the Kingdom of God. The Bible tells of an end time King of the North and King of the South. The Bible also tells of the Kings from the East. Is there any power that could be considered the King of the West. Since the USA is the leading power in the Western Hemisphere, could it be considered to be the King of the West? What does the Bible say will happen to that power?