Is God Fair?

Will God's will be done? Is a God of love also fair? Many do not believe that it is fair when God is not calling all now. Many do not believe that the sufferings that are experienced in this life are fair? In the Book of Ezekiel God says that people said He was not fair, but He said His ways were fair? Why doesn't God call all now? What did Jesus speak in parables? How do the biblical Holy Days help lay out God's plan of salvation? …

Mysteries of the Great White Throne Judgment (Universal Offer of Salvation part 3)

The Bible teaches that salvation belongs to God (Psalm 3:8). Does the Great White Throne Judgment of Revelation 20:11-12 have anything to do with salvation? What are some of the mysteries of the Great White Throne Judgment? How long does this period last? What does Isaiah 65:20-25 teach? Do well known preachers like David Jeremiah have the right answer? What about Lutheran ministers? What have early church writers taught? What have Jewish and Eastern Orthodox scholars concluded? What does the Bible reveal about the White Throne Judgment?

Why Aren't All Christians Multi-Millionaires?

In Malachi 3, God promises great blessings for those who pay their tithes and give offerings. So, why aren't all real Christians who do so not multi-millionaires? Did Job and Jeremiah wonder why some of wicked were prosperous? Did the Apostle Peter have much silver or gold? Are winners of massive lottery prizes happier than before they won? What would happen if God provided massive financial prosperity to those who tithed? Does faith have anything to do with this?

What language was the New Testament written in?

Jesus spoke a version of Aramaic. The New Testament reports that the Apostle Paul spoke Hebrew and Greek. Was the New Testament, as inspired by God, originally written in Aramaic, Hebrew, or Greek? Was Syrian patriarch Shimun XXIII Eshai correct when he declared that the apostles passed the Peshitta to the church and that it "has come down from the Biblical times without any change or revision"? Does the Peshitta or the Greek contain errors? Did Jesus speak the Syriac dialect? Does the New Testament use 'sacred names''? …

Alien Beliefs and the Return of Jesus

Surveys show that the vast majority of Americans believe in UFOs and aliens from outer space. Could there be any truth to reports of paranormal visits? What about the work of SETI? Should we expect anything like 'Men in Black"? Are there one or more beings watching the Earth? Are we part of a 'galactic zoo'? What do Roman Catholics, Protestants, and others believe? Are there many 'UFO religions'? Does the Bible teach anything about this? What about visits from angels and demons? What about various apparitions? …