Mormon vs. Church of God Teachings

Do you know what the 'Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS)--the Mormons-- teach? Are there any similarities between Mormons and the Continuing Church of God? What about the millennium, Ten Commandments, the Sabbath, deification, military service, politics, ten lost tribes,and crosses? Is Christian deification a cultic doctrine? Did the early Christian church teach LDS or Church of God doctrines? How do these groups explain their history?

First death, Second death

Can souls die? What is the first death? Can people physically die more than once? Is death like sleep? Did early Christians believe they were immortal? Did early Christians believe in a physical resurrection? Are there multiple resurrections? What happens when Jesus returns? What is the second death? Who is subject to the second death? Do the wicked become ashes or will they be tortured forever?

Great Monarch in 50+ Beast Prophecies

Since the fourth century, it has been claimed that an Emperor of the Romans, also known as the Great Monarch would rise up. He is prophesied to eliminate Islam, Protestantism, and heresies. He is also prophesied to essentially bring a Catholic-form of world peace and prosperity to the world. Although he is predicted in Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic writings, some Catholic writers have warned against him

Great Monarch: Messiah or False Christ?

Since at least the fourth century A.D., there have been predictions of a "king of the Romans and the Greeks" who is commonly now called the Great Monarch. He is predicted to make the world some version of Catholic. He is supposed to be the head of a resuscitated Roman Empire. He is predicted to eliminate English-nations, eliminate Protestantism, force Muslims out of Europe, convert pagans, enforce crosses, and defeat Islamic nations in the Middle East and North Africa. Could any of this have to do with WWIII?

Justin Martyr: Saint or Apostate?

Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, and Protestants consider that the 2nd century Justin, who was martyred, a saint and an important early Christian writer. Yet, Justin wrote against some doctrines they hold too and for some doctrines they do not hold to. What did Justin teach on issues such as military service, the immortality of the soul, going to heaven upon death, idols, the millennium, …

Proverbs 26-28: Giving Answers, Making Right Decisions

This is the ninth part of a multi-part sermon series covering the Book of Proverbs. In this sermon,. Dr. Thiel covers all the verses in the 26th, 27th, and 28th chapters of the Book of Proverbs. He goes over cause and effect and why Christians are affected in ways they did not seem to directly cause. He goes over verse related to fools, gossip, persecutions, and nagging, and the use of wisdom in terms of response.

CCOG Q&A: Prayers for the Dead, 18 truths, Birthdays, Insurance, & More

In this sermon, Dr. Thiel answers questions that have been submitted to the Church of God on many topics, such as: Should Christians pray for or to the dead? What scriptures are involved related to this? What were the 18 truths that Herbert W. Armstrong claimed Jesus had him restore to the Philadelphia portion of the Church of God? Does the Bible have any guidance about buying insurance? What about Canaan being cursed?