Acts 26-28: Shipwreck, the Kingdom of God, & Amen

10th Century Representation of Gospel Writer Luke

10th Century Representation of Gospel Writer Luke


This is the ninth and final part of a nine-part sermon series covering the entire Book of Acts. In this sermon, Paul begins by addressing King Agrippa and almost persuades him to become a Christian. Paul and his companions are put on a ship to ultimately take him to Rome. Paul warns correctly that the ship would face losses, but incorrectly that there would be a loss of life. After weeks at sea, the ship runs ground near Malta. The natives are nice to Paul, but expect him to die when a viper bites him. They consider him a deity when he shakes it off unharmed. Paul also lays hands upon the sick and they are healed. Paul and his companions end up in Rome, where Paul teaches about Jesus and the Kingdom of God. Dr. Thiel reads each verse of chapters 26 through 28 of the Book of Acts and ties various of those in with matter affecting Christians in the 21st century. He points out that the Book of Acts started out with Jesus preaching the Kingdom of God and ends with Paul doing the same. He also points out that this is something that the Continuing Church of God is doing to this day. The Day of Atonement is also discussed. Dr. Thiel also reads scriptures related to repentance, obedience, and coming persecution as he summarizes some of the Book of Acts. Why the Book of Acts, according to the late Dr. Herman Hoeh, does NOT end with “Amen” is also discussed.

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