Acts 20-22: James, Sunday, and Prejudice

10th Century Representation of Gospel Writer Luke

10th Century Representation of Gospel Writer Luke


This is the seventh part of a nine-part sermon series covering the entire Book of Acts. In this sermon, Paul's travels, not listening to God's Holy Spirit, seeing James, and his arrest in Jerusalem are covered. A discussion of the Holy Days, Sabbath, and Sunday is included. Also, Jewish and anti-Jewish prejudice is covered. The topics of circumcision and Paul's legal use of his dual citizenship are also discussed. Aspects of church governance, prophets and prophetesses, and the gospel of the Kingdom of God were covered, as were those unfaithful in Asia (Ephesus). Dr. Thiel reads each verse of chapters 20 through 22 of the Book of Acts and ties various of those in with matter affecting Christians in the 21st century.

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