Acts 17-19: Travels, Anointed Cloths, & the Gospel of the Kingdom

10th Century Representation of Gospel Writer Luke

10th Century Representation of Gospel Writer Luke


This is the sixth part of a multi-part sermon series intended to cover the entire Book of Acts. In this sermon missions involving travels, proclamation success, and the persecution are covered. Also, the topic of anointed cloths is discussed. Aspects of the gospel of the Kingdom of God were covered. Techniques Paul and Apollos used to prove Jesus was the Messiah were mentioned as was the faithfulness of the Bereans to use scripture. Dr. Thiel reads each verse of chapters 17 through 19 of the Book of Acts and ties those in with verses in with other parts of the Bible, geography, and aspects of 21st century Christianity. The declaration of Paul intending to reach Gentiles is also discussed. So was paying government officials money/bribes to the right thing. How Paul tied in pagan writing and understandings to better reach the 'men of Athens, with the truth of God. Which Feast Paul was referring to in Acts 18:21 was also discussed.

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