Acts 6-9: Widows, Stephen, Saul, and Simon Magus

10th Century Representation of Gospel Writer Luke

10th Century Representation of Gospel Writer Luke


This is the third part of a multi-part sermon series intended to cover the entire Book of Acts. In this sermon supporting widows, deacons, the martyrdom of Stephen, persecutions, the conversion of Saul, miracles, the laying on of hands, and Simon Magus are discussed. Many may be surprised to hear the prophecy related to Simon Magus as well as what doctrines he was later condemned for promoting. Dr. Thiel reads each verse of chapters 6 through 9 of the Book of Acts and ties many verses in with other parts of the Bible. The role and need for a ministry is also discussed. Dr. Thiel also answers questions like, 'Who was the first martyr after Jesus' and 'Who was the first Gentile who was baptized?'

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