Acts 23-25: Vows, Secrets, Cults, & Criticisms

10th Century Representation of Gospel Writer Luke

10th Century Representation of Gospel Writer Luke


This is the eighth part of a nine-part sermon series covering the entire Book of Acts. In this sermon, Paul begins by defending himself against accusations in Jerusalem. He travels under a massive armed guard to Caesarea as over forty Jews vowed not to eat nor drink until they killed him. Though not guilty of any Roman crime, Paul is locked up for years. The Jews finally hire a smooth talking legal advocate against Paul and says Paul is part of a sect (cult in the NLT) called the Nazarenes. Dr. Thiel explains what the Nazarenes taught and explained that on the nature of the Godhead, this does not agree with what is called Messianic Judaism. Dr. Thiel also goes through doctrines that original Christians were persecuted for in the past and also mentions doctrines that some of the faithful will be persecuted for in the future. Dr. Thiel reads each verse of chapters 23 through 25 of the Book of Acts and ties various of those in with matter affecting Christians in the 21st century. Self-control is also discussed. A written article of related interest is also available titled "The Book of Acts" URL:


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