Pat Boone Reports Comments about Islam on Making Deals

Radioactive, nuclear

Radioactive, nuclear

The famous singer Pat Boone posted something about the Iran deal that some may find of interest:

People, listen to me, please. ..
We, like lemmings or mindless sheep, allow ourselves to be herded in larger groups by propaganda, purposed misinformation, media bias and outright lies. Very few take the trouble to check out the news reporting and the government’s proclamations.
“If the president says it, it must be so” is the pill, the Kool-Aid, millions of Americans are swallowing every day. It’s almost the “blind leading the blind,” except in some cases, the “blind” know exactly what they’re doing and that what they’re saying is patently false. They just depend on the likelihood that none will actually check what they say or do for veracity – or whether what they’re doing is actually in the best interests of America.
The president is doggedly determined to make a “deal” with Iran, supposedly preventing them from acquiring (actually producing) nuclear bombs and intercontinental missiles. It’s something he thinks will justify his eight years of failed presidency, even if the “deal” only kicks Iran’s nuclear ambitions down the road for a few years ....

Author: Dr. Bob Thiel.   News Presenter:  John Hickey.

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