EU tightens borders and Hillary Clinton defends Islam

The European Union has taken steps to tighten its borders because of the issues it is having with predominantly Islamic refugees and terrorists:

November 20, 2015


The European Union tightened control of its perimeter borders Friday in the aftermath of last week’s deadly Paris attacks, including new checks on the passage of Europeans returning to the formerly passport-free zone.

European justice and interior ministers met in emergency session in Brussels, looking for ways to control the external border of the 22 EU nations, plus non-EU Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and Liechtenstein, where travelers have had passport-free passage.

Now, the EU said, the travelers will not only have their passports examined as they enter the bloc, but personal information will be compared with databases and an airline passenger name registry. …

The U.S. State Department issued a travel warning for Italy, saying those landmarks were potential targets, along with “churches, synagogues, restaurants, theaters and hotels” in Rome and Milan.

The American cities of New York and Washington have been named in videos as potential Islamic State militant targets, although local and national law-enforcement officials say they have not received word of any credible threat of Paris-style attacks.

It should be noted that the Islamic State truly does want to hit the USA and Rome.  New York City, Washington (D.C.), and the Vatican seem to be on the top of its terrorist wish list.

Many who are not part of the Islamic State or al-Qaeda support their goals of Islamic conquest.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton does not seem to make much of the connection between Islam and terrorism:

November 19, 2015

Hillary Clinton sees zero connection between Islamic terrorist networks seeking to create a “would-be caliphate,” the “radical jihadism” they preach, and Islam.

The Democrat front-runner for her party’s 2016 presidential nomination said…, “Let’s be clear: Islam is not our adversary. Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism.”

The former secretary of state made the comment while speaking before the Council on Foreign Relations in New York on Thursday.

November 19, 2015

Clinton continued later in her speech: “This should go without saying, but Muslim Americans are working everyday on the front lines of the fight against radicalization.”

Finally, near the end of her speech, she specifically pushed back against those protesting receiving Syrian refugees in the United States.

“But we cannot allow terrorists to intimidate us into abandoning our values and our humanitarian obligations. Turning away orphans, applying a religious test, discriminating against Muslims, slamming the door on every Syrian refugee, that is just not who we are. We are better than that,” Clinton said. “We should be doing more to ease this humanitarian crisis, not less.”

It is astounding to me that Hillary Clinton considers that Islam is tolerant and peaceful.  She also seems to overlook that the requirements on questioning potential refugees is to ask about religion.

Hillary Clinton is an avowed feminist and must realize how badly most predominantly Muslim nations treat women.  As far as Islam and peace go, perhaps she should consider the following:

Bukhari 3,49,857 Muhammad said, “A man who brings peace to the people by making up good words or by saying nice things, though untrue, does not lie.”

Bukhari 4,52,267 Muhammad cried out, “Jihad is deceit.”

Bukhari 5,59,369 Bin Maslama volunteered to kill an enemy for Muhammad, then said, “Give me permission to deceive him with lies so that my plot will succeed.” Muhammad replied, “You may speak falsely to him.”

Bukhari 8,78,618 Abu Bakr, the prophet Muhammad’s closest friend and adviser and first convert to Islam, said, “If I make a pledge and later discover a more worthy pledge, then I will take the better action and make amends for my earlier promise.”

(As published in Boone P. The Muslim principle that makes nuke deal suicide. World News Daily, August 5, 2015.

Islam believes not only in war, but also in deceit related to warfare as the above shows.  Many within Islam believe that the Crusaders (Europeans and their descendants) need to be punished for past actions and need to be converted or eliminated.

The USA will be hit with more terrorism from Islamic nations–this specifically includes being hit from those who are or claim to be Syrian.  Because Mrs. Clinton does not seem to wish to believe it, she has been involved in policies that will help insure more of it–especially if she gets elected as the next USA president.

News Presenter:  John Hickey

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