The 6000 Year Plan: Is the End of Humanity's Reign Almost Up?


Did God give humanity 6000 years to rule itself? What have Jewish scholars taught? What did professors of Christ teach in the second, third, and fourth centuries about this? Does the weekly cycle tie into this? Is the millennium the last 1000 years, for a total of a 7000 year plan? When did the 6000/7000 years start? What does the Book of Genesis help with figuring this out? When might the 6000 years end? Did the Anglican Archbishop Ussher make errors when he claimed the creation was 4004 B.C.? What does the Bible teach about this?

A more detailed related article on the 6000-7000 years is at

Note: Dr. Thiel meant to state that Jesus began His preaching ministry around 27 A.D. not that He was 27 years of age and corrected this later in the podcast.