M&M & CNN: European and other governments pushing towards cashless society where 666 can operate


Larry Edelson of Money and Markets: reported about governments, and particularly European ones, moving towards having a society without cash:

Cash Will Be Abolished. Here’s Why …
August 5, 2015
Governments have largely always despised cash. It’s almost impossible to trace, and therefore, tax. … governments around the world have waged a war on cash. They’ve implemented restrictions on how much you can carry with you. How much cash you have on you that you have to report when you go through customs. How much you can withdraw from the bank at any one point in time. And more.
The thing is, government wars on cash are now on steroids. The reason: The looming sovereign-debt collapse that will soon cascade from Europe, then to Japan, and finally, to the US of A. …

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