Theophilus: Trinitarian or Binitarian?


Roman and Eastern Catholics consider Theophilus of Antioch a saint, as do Protestant scholars. He is even in the “succession list” of the Antiochian Eastern Orthodox Church. Did he teach doctrines more in line with the Continuing Church of God? What did Theophilus teach about idolatry, the Sabbath, immortality, the resurrection, and the Ten Commandments? Did he teach a trinitarian or binitarian view of the Godhead? Would he have kept Passover on the 14? Was he more of a biblical literalist or allegorist? What did he teach about ‘spontaneous generation’? Did he defend the use of the term Christian? Did he cite non-biblical prophetic and other writings? Dr. Thiel goes through Theophilus’ writings, scriptures, and historical records to answer these questions.