Ecclesiastes 1-3: Vanity or Biblical Focus?


Can your life be a waste? “Vanity of vanities” says the Preacher. Who wrote the Book of Ecclesiastes? When was it written? Do modern secular scholars disagree with the word of God? If you have more money, power, sexual opportunities, food, wine, and world renowned projects than any one else, could that be vanity, grasping against the wind? What should your priorities be? Is money evil? Is compromise acceptable? Does wisdom excel folly? Can sin be pleasurable? Does God have eternal pleasures for His people? Are you willing to have God’s priorities and live as He would have you live? Will God’s Kingdom be everlasting? Will that you have been through help you for eternity? Are animals expected to be resurrected? Dr. Thiel goes through each verse of the first three chapters of the Book of Ecclesiastes, as well as scriptures in other parts of the Bible to help address these and other issues.