Claims of Apostolic Succession


Various churches claim to have something termed 'apostolic succession.' Does any church have this? Where does the concept teach? Is there biblical support for apostolic succession? Is the doctrine of the laying on of hands related? Did the gospel writer Mark found the Alexandrian Orthodox Church? How long could the Church of God in Antioch have held true succession? Did succession cease in Jerusalem in 135 A.D.? What about Constantinople? Was their apostolic succession in Asia Minor until about 250 A.D.? What about Rome? What do Catholic scholars really understand about early claims of succession? Of the two churches that Irenaeus and Tertullian claim had succession from the apostles, which was faithful to the teachings of the Bible and the apostles? Is there still such a church today? Why is any of this important to Christians in the end times?

Dr. Thiel answers these questions and more from the Bible and historical writings. A written article of related interest is titled "Apostolic Succession" URL: