Will the UK's 'special status' with the EU last?

The Flag of United Kingdom

The Flag of United Kingdom


On February 19, 2016, British Prime Minister David Cameron finalized a deal with the European Union to grant 'special status' to the United Kingdom. The agreement states that the UK is exempt from having to become part of a more unified state that Europe is working, allows it to keep its currency (the pound), and reduce certain benefits to migrants. The purpose of the 'special status' is to hope that voters in the UK will decide to stay in the EU, when a referendum is held on June 23, 2016. Yet, many eastern and western European nations are displeased that the UK was granted its special status. What will be then end result of the relationship between the UK and Europe? Will the UK end up losing its sovereignty because of Europe no matter how it votes? What does Bible prophesy show?

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