Weekly News Summary 22 December 2017


US President Trump concerned Russia, China, Iran, and others with his “America First” plan (see and ‘Russia Criticizes Trump’s ‘Imperial’ Security Strategy’ and ‘Washington’s interest in European security will make them more careful of what they wish for’).

Over in the Middle East, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is making it clear that he does not trust the USA and its President Trump. He wants the United Nations, not the USA, to mediate a future peace deal (see Palestine’s Abbas wants UN not USA, Turkey’s Erdogan says recognize Palestinian Jerusalem). Generally, speaking the Europeans have opposed Donald Trump’s position on Jerusalem (watch Palestine’s Abbas wants UN not USA, Turkey’s Erdogan says recognize Palestinian Jerusalem), and the Bible shows that at least one leader in Europe will confirm a seven year ‘peace’ deal (Daniel 9:27). While the USA may still have involvement, its involvement is not specifically prophesied.

More are talking about a “United States of Europe.” Europe launched four more satellites for its Galileo communications system, which it expects will make it independent from the USA that way–and instead, Galileo will make the USA partially dependent upon Europe (see Europe’s Galileo system gained four more satellites). Europe is working on its own military and other objectives it has–which can differ from those in the USA. Europe is also seeing the rise of more leaders which have issues with Islam (see Austria’s far-Right Freedom Party, who says ‘Islam has no place in Europe’, is sworn in to power with country’s new conservative leader Sebastian Kurz).

Europe continues to be upset by US actions, particularly those under the leadership of Donald Trump (see Tax bill, Iran deal, Climate deal, and Jerusalem: Europeans are upset with the USA). It is also upset with the UK related to Brexit (see also EU says Brexit transition to end by 31 December 2020).

The world is changing. And those who do not sufficiently value biblical prophecies are not seeing what will really happen.


Radio News Reporter: John Hickey.

News sound effect: Recorded by Maximilien.