Weekly News Summary 13 September 2018


In Europe, we continue to see steps to control the Internet. The EU passed a bill that could greatly affect websites that report news, like the COGwriter.com site (see EU debating an ‘Internet Extinction-Level’ event?). While we could ‘work around’ some of the possible rules, it would make doing the work more difficult. Furthermore, the EU also declared yesterday that “extremist content”  needs to be removed from the Internet within one hour. Please realize that teaching the millennium and standing for the true gospel of the kingdom of God is already considered to be “extremist” by some. Ultimately, the time of the ‘famine of the word’ (Amos 8:11-12) will hit, and I believe this will involve booting off COGwriter.com and the various CCOG websites from the Internet.

EU Commission President Jean Claude Juncker gave his “State of the Union” speech yesterday. He wants the EU to be a bigger global player, be able to handle its own defense, work more with Africa, push its currency to essentially replace the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency, and increase border guards seven-fold (see Juncker’s ‘State of the European Union’ address: Wants EU to be a real global player, including in Africa).

Many in Europe are getting concerned about migrants coming in. So much so, this has caused concerns even in Sweden as its recent election results show (see ‘Sweden Election Results See Surge In Support For Anti-Immigrant Party’).

Something else is brewing in Europe. Italy once again plans to implement a ban on certain shopping on Sunday (see ‘Italy to introduce ban on Sunday shopping’). Some other nations in Europe already have limited shopping bans. This Italian move is backed by the Roman Catholic Church, but is basically is being promoted as a way to help families by certain politicians. Expect more Sunday laws, as well as more European political promotion of some Roman Catholic positions.

The Temple Institute announced that a red heifer candidate calf was born (see Temple Institute announces the birth of a red heifer candidate: Prelude to the return of Jesus?). It is still considered as a ‘candidate’ and is to be re-examined in about three months to determine whether or not it is a completely ‘red’ heifer.  Some Jews believe that a ‘red heifer’ is needed to purify the Temple or Temple Mount and/or an altar for regular sacrifices to be resumed. A red heifer is supposed to be at least three years old and then slaughtered for such purification.

While Jesus DID NOT specifically mention a ‘red heifer’ as a sign to look for in Matthew 24, He did refer to the Book of Daniel, which discusses sacrifices being stopped (Daniel 9:27; 11:31). In order for them to be stopped, they first must be started. And if the Jews who want to re-institute animal sacrifices do not believe that they can without a red heifer, then having one would seem to be of prophetic significance.

On other matters, Pope Francis had a meeting today, and also called for a conference in February 2019 to deal with the sexual abuse scandals by Catholic clergy (see German priest pedophilia, Pope Francis calls for conference, ‘Civil war,’ and Francis pushes for salvation with Mary). Some hope to use the scandals and the allegations of coverup to encourage Pope Francis to resign. If he does, that could have certain Catholic prophetic ramifications.

Radio News Reporter: John Hickey.

News sound effect: Recorded by Maximilien.