‘The Brexit Apocalypse’ and Germany’s military plan


Brexit concerns remain in the news:

February 23, 2019

London (CNN) Brexit could be on the brink of being postponed.

Three senior UK ministers have issued a warning to Theresa May that Britain’s departure from the European Union should be delayed if there is no breakthrough on her deal in the next few days.

Writing in the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper, cabinet members Amber Rudd, David Gauke and Greg Clark signaled they would support a vote in Parliament to have the Article 50 process extended in order to prevent Britain leaving the EU without a deal.

“If there is no breakthrough in the coming week, the balance of opinion in Parliament is clear — that it would be better to seek to extend Article 50 and delay our date of departure rather than crash out of the European Union on March 29,” the trio wrote in the article published Saturday. https://edition.cnn.com/2019/02/23/uk/brexit-delay-warning-gbr-intl/index.html

The German news group Deutsche Welle had the following from a link it called “The Brexit apocalypse”:

Do EU and UK face Brexit — or the Last Judgment?

Listening to EU media and politicians, one might think that the British will be washed into the Atlantic in a biblical flood once they leave the bloc. …

Nary an aspect of Britain’s approaching secession from the European Union has gone uncovered in this endless succession of analyses, commentaries and reports. But, after three ceaseless years of Brexit stories from media outlets in Germany and elsewhere, you might get the impression that the issue is less about a country’s leaving the EU than it is about the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse fixing to gallop across the United Kingdom. …

More serious indicators suggest that these end-of-the-world scenarios will not come to pass: The labor market is booming, wages are rising, and unemployment is at its lowest since 1975. And all of that is “despite Brexit,” according to German media — which would never report that it was “because of Brexit.” …

All of the pessimistic predictions follow another logic, however, one that is propagated by Brussels and Berlin: Whoever dares to leave the European Union will — indeed, must —suffer. …

It may sound naive, but the chaos of Brexit will be behind us sooner than we think. The Channel won’t get any deeper.  Soon, Britain will just seem like another Norway or Iceland.  02/22/19 https://www.dw.com/en/opinion-do-eu-and-uk-face-brexit-or-the-last-judgment/a-47644181

It is true that Brexit is NOT the Last Judgment nor the ride of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. It is also true that the EU wants the UK to suffer.

But it is naive to think that Britain will end up just being thought of like Norway or Iceland are now thought of.

The Munich Security Conference wrapped up several days ago. Here are some comments related to German Chancellor Merkel:

Merkel Draws the Line Against Trump

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has turned the corner on relations with the United States. Her speech at the Munich Security Conference should be considered Germany’s divorce filing from the U.S.-led post-WWII institutional order.

It’s clear that to me now that Merkel’s priorities for what is left of her term in office are as follows:

Carve out an independent path for EU foreign policy from the U.S. through the creation of an EU army, obviating the need for NATO and…End U.S. occupation of Germany.Secure Germany’s energy future, which also secures its political future as the leader of the European Union, by stitching together the continent with Russian energy arteries — Nordstream 2, Turkstream.Manage the shift away from NATO as a controlling force in Europe’s relationship with Russia which doesn’t serve Europe’s long term purposes.

Merkel will play both sides of the game for as long as she can but Trump and his merry band of Neocon psychotics are determined to stop Nordstream 2.

It is not only Angela Merkel, but the European leadership in general that “will play both sides of the game for as long as” they can.

And I am referring to NATO.

An organization that the UK and USA are major players in.

Germany’s plan is to take advantage of the protection and technology from NATO until its military (it will incorporate the European forces) can stand on its own.

Partially because of Donald Trump, many in Europe have taken some steps and agreed to take more responsibility for defense (e.g. PESCO: EU’s alternative to NATO? and Europe moving towards its own army ‘Europe may soon produce its own Trumps’ and With PESCO, EU entering a ‘New Era’: An era that will NOT end well for the USA, Canada, or the UK).

Many see this as reasonable and logical–particularly in the light of real and alleged comments from US President Donald Trump.

Yet for now, while Europe may appear to be supportive of NATO, in the end Europe will betray the NATO members of the USA, Canada, and UK.

As I have written for years, Europe will continue to use NATO or something similar for as long as it thinks it needs to.

It will likely even attack the USA and/or the UK under the guise of a NATO (or some other defense treaty) exercise.

The Bible shows that Europe will end up with “a great army” (Daniel 11:25).

The USA and UK will fall for some of the deception the leader of this coming European power will put forth.

Consider the following prophecies:

21 And in his place shall arise a vile person, to whom they will not give the honor of royalty; but he shall come in peaceably, and seize the kingdom by intrigue. (Daniel 11:21)

39 Thus he shall act against the strongest fortresses with a foreign god, which he shall acknowledge, and advance its glory; and he shall cause them to rule over many, and divide the land for gain. … the king of the North (Daniel 11:39, 40)

23 “And in the latter time of their kingdom,
When the transgressors have reached their fullness,
A king shall arise,
Having fierce features,
Who understands sinister schemes.
24 His power shall be mighty, but not by his own power;
He shall destroy fearfully,
And shall prosper and thrive;
He shall destroy the mighty, and also the holy people.

25 “Through his cunning
He shall cause deceit to prosper under his rule;
And he shall exalt himself in his heart.
He shall destroy many in their prosperity. (Daniel 8:23-25)

The above leader is the final European King of the North Beast power. He will eliminate the USA (the power in the 21st century with the strongest fortresses; see also USA in Prophecy: The Strongest Fortresses) and the UK.

By pushing the Europeans to spend more on their militaries, the USA and UK have been ‘sowing wind,’ but will reap the whirlwind:

6 … But the calf of Samaria shall be broken to pieces.

7 “They sow the wind,
And reap the whirlwind.
The stalk has no bud;
It shall never produce meal.
If it should produce,
Aliens would swallow it up.
8 Israel is swallowed up;
Now they are among the Gentiles
Like a vessel in which is no pleasure.
9 For they have gone up to Assyria,
Like a wild donkey alone by itself;
Ephraim has hired lovers. (Hosea 8:6-9)

The reference to ‘Samaria’ above refers to the USA (see Spiritual Samaritans: Old and New) and the reference to Ephraim above refers to the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand (for biblically-related details, check out the article Anglo – America in Prophecy & the Lost Tribes of Israel). Assyria is a reference to a European power based out of central Europe (for biblically-related details, check out the article Germany in Biblical Prophecy).

Europe will need to reorganize, but the Bible tells of at least two more reorganizations to come in Europe in Revelation 17:2-13 (see also Must the Ten Kings of Revelation 17:12 Rule over Ten Currently Existing Nations?).

Many in Europe have called for reorganization. There was a call from the “left” to do so today:

23 February 2019

Germany’s socialist party has presented a fundamental EU reform agenda at their convention in the western city of Bonn. …

Germany’s socialist Left Party has proposed radical reforms to the European Union at their party conference ahead of European parliamentary elections in May.

“Our vision is anchored in a solidarity-based internationalism,” the party said in an election manifesto presented on Saturday. …

What the manifesto demands:

Revisions to the EU treaties … and the prescription of “neoliberal policies such as privatization, social cuts, and market radicalization.”More powers to the European Parliament in areas that national, regional or local governments cannot effectively manage. …


Notice that the call is to give the European government more power.

That will happen in the prophesied reorganization (Revelation 17:12-13) –though not as the socialists now envision.

The Bible shows that the European power (called Assyria in Isaiah 10; see also Germany in Biblical Prophecy) does not think it intends to be militaristic, but that it will and will conquer. The Bible shows that the world will marvel that Europe was able to be such a military power as Europe basically had been dismissed as irrelevant.

It is quite likely that some version of NATO will survive, but that Europe will use NATO as a shield from Russia, and eventually turn against the USA and its Anglo-Saxon descended allies. That will essentially be a fulfillment of the following:

1 How lonely sits the city That was full of people! How like a widow is she, Who was great among the nations! The princess among the provinces Has become a slave!

2 She weeps bitterly in the night, Her tears are on her cheeks; Among all her lovers She has none to comfort her. All her friends have dealt treacherously with her; They have become her enemies. (Lamentations 1:1-2)

That will be the end of NATO, the UK, Canada, and the USA.

The late Worldwide Church of God Pastor General, Herbert W. Armstrong, made it clear that he believed that the European King of the North (the one mentioned in Daniel 11:39-40 which is the same one who places the abomination mentioned in Daniel 11:31, where the 1290 days starts) would destroy the British and American peoples. Notice some of what he wrote about that in 1979:

The indication is the armies of the “beast” of Revelation 17, entering Jerusalem (Dan 11:41, Zech. 14:2), will stop this “daily sacrifice”…And the abomination that maketh desolate set up.” What is this abomination? This refers to Daniel 11:31 and Matthew 24:15 … From this time (Daniel 12:11) to Christ’s coming will be 1290 days. Now, verse 12, “Blessed is he that waiteth, and comes to the 1335 days.” Never before have we understood these periods of 1260, 1290. and 1335 days. But it seems evident, now, a blessing is pronounced on us–GOD”S CHURCH–who wait and endure until the 1335 days–approximately 1335 days prior to Christ’s coming… We shall then be warned, and readied to be taken to a place of refuge and safety from the Great Tribulation. Forty-five days later “the beast’s armies” will surround Jerusalem. Thirty days later the Great Tribulation will probably start with a nuclear attack on London and Britain–and possibly the same day or immediately after, on the United States and Canadian cities. The GREAT TRIBULATION, we shall fully then realize, is the time of “Jacob’s Trouble,” spoken of in Jeremiah 30:7. And Jacob’s name was named on Joseph’s sons, Ephraim and Manasseh (Gen. 48:16). At that time a third of the people in our nations will die, or shall have died, by famine and disease epidemics; another third will dies of the war–our cities being destroyed (Ezek. 6:6), and the remaining third will be carried to the land of our enemies as slaves (Ezek. 5:12). Armstrong, Herbert W. The Time We Are In, Now. Pastor General’s Report-Vol 1, No. 15, November 20, 1979, Page 2).

Australians and New Zealanders should not take real comfort in the above as after the USA and UK are out of the way, Canada will been among “the nations not a few’ (Isaiah 10:7, KJV) that the forces of the King of the North will “cut off” (for more information about Canada, who was listed above, please see the article Canada in Prophecy: What Does Bible Prophecy, Catholic Prophecy, and other Predictions Suggest About the Future of Canada?; for more information related to Australia and New Zealand, watch Are Chinese threats against Australia for real?).

Notice that the Bible tells of a coming time of special and massive devastation:

23 ‘The whole land is brimstone, salt, and burning; it is not sown, nor does it bear, nor does any grass grow there, like the overthrow of Sodom and Gomorrah, Admah, and Zeboiim, which the Lord overthrew in His anger and His wrath.’ (Deuteronomy 29:23-24)

19 Through the wrath of the LORD of hosts
The land is burned up,
And the people shall be as fuel for the fire; No man shall spare his brother.
20 And he shall snatch on the right hand
And be hungry;
He shall devour on the left hand
And not be satisfied; Every man shall eat the flesh of his own arm. 21 Manasseh shall devour Ephraim, and Ephraim Manasseh; Together they shall be against Judah (Isaiah 9:19-21).

The above descriptions are consistent with a fiery nuclear or similar attack. Manasseh represents the USA and Ephraim its British-descended allies. THIS HAS NOT YET HAPPENED IN HISTORY AND IS A PROPHECY FOR OUR TIME.

That will be the end result of what Brexit, Donald Trump, debt, and other matters will bring.

And that will be true, whether or not Brexit is cancelled or delayed.

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Author: Dr. Bob Thiel/COGwriter

Radio News Reporter: John Hickey.