Role of Pope Francis 'transformative' for COP21 climate change conference

The Vatican has been active, mainly behind the scenes, in the climate change conference taking place in Paris:

Role of Pope Francis ‘transformative’ at Paris COP21 climate summit

December 11, 2015

(Vatican Radio) As negotiations come to a close in Paris on climate change, Vatican Radio spoke with Dr Alison Doig of Christian Aid for her impressions on the event. She has been in Paris attending the talks for the past two weeks and is optimistic about what will be achieved in the final agreement.  …

A critical issue for developing nations is to find ways of dealing financially with the adverse effects of climate change, especially for those countries unable to adapt.

Finally, she said that the mood brought to the conference by Pope Francis has been “transformative” and “wonderful” especially since the publication of Laudato Sì and that there is a momentum of support from the wider faith community.

December 10, 2015

Pope Francis released his Laudato Si, On Care for Our Common Homein June, and Church officials have been spreading the word about this climate change and environmental protection teaching document ever since — from America to Africa, and now to the UN Climate Summit in Paris. The Catholic Church has a major delegation at the event.

“We are seeking to be a kind of catalyst,” said Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana, the head of the Pontifical Council on Justice and Peace, in an exclusive interview with “This is already happening. We have spoken at world events. We have encouraged bishops in different countries to take the message to their heads of state. Our hope as we came to Paris was that those leaders would feel our moral support and trust.”

The impact of those urgings on the COP21 negotiations is difficult to assess. The four-person delegation from the Holy See, which kept a low profile until Tuesday, has been able to sit in on all negotiations. …

Pope watchers say that Francis, while not leading the debate in Paris, has used his unprecedented encyclical — the first ever on a non-religious topic — to help pave the way for successful climate talks.

Recognizing a vacuum in global leadership in aggressively attacking and reducing carbon emissions, Francis — one of the most popular and influential leaders on earth — wanted to establish a moral presence at COP21 to remind policy makers that he himself expects them to achieve their best.  …

Pope Francis and his delegation in Paris are clearly playing a long game, recognizing it will take years for the encyclical to become as ingrained as other church teachings…

So, while Pope Francis did not personally attend, he sent people, and because of his Laudato Si encyclical, had influence.  It should also be mentioned that Pope Francis gave the key note event for the adoption of the New Universal Agenda at the United Nations this past September.  “Climate change” was a big part of that as well.

Many world leaders believe that it will be international human cooperation that will bring a clean environment, peace, and prosperity.  They do not believe it will take the Kingdom of God to make that happen. They, however, also like the Vatican’s involvement as it can influence many of the world’s 1.2 billion alleged Roman Catholics, as well as others in other faiths.

And while the Vatican and world leaders will have some temporal successes (cf. Daniel 9:27), they will not only not succeed.  Their human efforts will ultimately bring planet Earth to the point that it would make life unsustainable if Jesus did not return to establish His Kingdom. What world leaders are often proclaiming in their international agendas is a false gospel. Many in the world are trying to put together a semi-religious Babylonian international plan to put in a new world order in the 21st century.

Beyond “climate” matters, what the Vatican is doing is making key allies around the world, and in particular in Europe, that it will be able to influence more in the future.  We are seeing more interaction and cooperation between the City of Seven Hills (Revelation 17:9) and the kings of this world (Revelation 17:1-2) consistent with biblical prophecies in Revelation 17:1-13.

Mystery Babylon the Great (Revelation 17:5) is gaining momentum, and the “climate change” agenda is one of the ways those associated with the “great city” (Revelation 17:18) have been doing this in 2015.