Prophetic Weekly News Summary 18 April 2019


The Paris cathedral Notre Dame caught fire and much of it was burned. French President Emmanuel Macron vowed to rebuild it “because it is what the French expect of us, it is what our history deserves, it is, in the deepest sense, our destiny ”(see Notre Dame on Fire). France’s ‘destiny’ is to temporarily support the rising church-state Babylonian power of Revelation 17. President Macron’s statement is consistent with that. Napoleon was crowned (technically he crowned himself) Emperor of France in the Notre Dame cathedral on December 2, 1804. Someone emailed asking who might be crowned in the New Notre Dame in the future? It is certainly possible that the Beast of the Sea will be crowned in a cathedral, and the New Notre Dame would seem to be a possible location (though there are other possibilities).  Notice also the following news report:

A photo of a gilded cross gleaming through the smoke and haze after a fire ravaged Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris has proven to be a symbol of hope following an unspeakable tragedy.

Since it looks like a cross will be at least a symbol of the Beast, this cross image may be part of a motivator for people in France and the rest of Europe to want a type of church-state alignment. Let me add that two Roman Catholic commentators on a secular television station were discussing the Notre Dame situation, and that shining cross, and stated that they hoped that this would lead to a “reawakening” essentially of Catholic religion. A version of this will occur per Revelation 17.

As far as the church-state situation in Europe goes, former presidential advisor to US President Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, has tried to tell some Europeans that Pope Francis is the enemy (see Steve Bannon ‘told Italy’s populist leader: Pope Francis is the enemy’). This will not endear him or the USA to Europe. Particularly in light of the burning of Notre Dame which may spark more Catholic interest in Europe.

In other European matters, a new EU internet copyright law became official this week (see EU passes copyright law and ‘European politicians urge the EU to reject any US Middle East peace plan unless it is fair to Palestinians’). And while it has a two-year implementation window and supposedly exempts non-profits and small firms, the way it is written could impact what we report on YouTube and also what I report about at This is another step to Europe getting more control over the internet.

On Daniel 9:27 matters, both the European Union and Russia have indicated a willingness to help broker a peace deal in the Middle East (see EU passes copyright law and ‘European politicians urge the EU to reject any US Middle East peace plan unless it is fair to Palestinians’ and Could Russia Be the Broker of an Israeli-Palestinian Deal?). Although Russia is NOT the prophesied ‘King of the North’ (Daniel 11:40), it may well be involved in the deal of Daniel 9:27a.

Tensions still exist between China and Australia (see Tensions Erupt As China Slams Australia’s “Irresponsible Comments”). While the two trade a lot together (and China is Australia’s leading trade partner), this will not end well for Australia (see also Will the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic Nations be Divided and Have People Taken as Slaves?).

Radio News Reporter: John Hickey.

News sound effect: Recorded by Maximilien.