Greeks again protest austerity, more fences put up in Europe, Europe will have more civil unrest

Tear gas

Tear gas

An austerity protest in Greece turned violent:

November 12, 2015

ATHENS — Hundreds of thousands of Greeks walked off their jobs on Thursday to protest austerity economics, as officials of the leftist-led government wrangled with the country’s international creditors over the terms of Greece’s third bailout. At least one Athens protest turned violent.

The 24-hour walkout shut down public services, forced the cancellation of flights and disrupted public transportation across the country. Ferries sat moored in ports, hospitals were operating with reduced staff, and museums and archaeological sites were closed.

An estimated 20,000 people joined three demonstrations in Athens, one organized by the country’s two main labor unions, another by the Communist Party and the third drawing students and leftists, according to a police spokesman.

Though the protests were mostly peaceful, a gathering near the Parliament building in the early afternoon turned into a clash between riot police officers and roughly 100 masked youths, who hurled stones and firebombs. The riot police responded with tear gas, as a police helicopter circled over the city center and crowds fled the acrid smoke.

The protests are not a surprise to me. I have long warned about the likelihood in Greece.  Expect to see more protests and civil unrest in Greece.

Elsewhere in Europe, more fences are being built to prevent the entrance of migrants from the Middle East and Africa:

November 12, 2015

European leaders scrambled Thursday to keep their passport-free travel zone from collapsing, after Germany, Sweden and Slovenia acted on their own to tighten borders or erect fences to slow the relentless influx of people marching into Europe. …

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban — who ordered an anti-migrant fence to be built on his nation’s borders with Serbia and Croatia — called migration a “lose-lose” phenomenon.

“The solution is to have people have a decent life in the country where they were born. It’s impossible to do without money,” he told reporters…

Tensions were also high Thursday in the Balkans, as Slovenia continued to erect a razor-wire fence on its border with Croatia to hold back the migrant influx.

The two countries have a long-standing territorial dispute dating back to the wars in Yugoslavia in the 1990s, and Croatia believes the border fence is encroaching on its soil. Their leaders are to meet later Thursday to try to calm the row.

Slovenia says it is being overwhelmed by the arrival of more than 180,000 asylum-seekers moving toward Western Europe since mid-October.

November 12, 2015

Hungary says it has approved two of the nearly 4,900 asylum requests it has received from refugees since it closed its border with Serbia with a razor-wire fence on Sept. 15.

Janos Lazar, Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s chief of staff, says as of Sunday, 3,592 of 4,848 requests for international protection were still pending, 326 had been rejected and 928 terminated because the asylum-seekers had left the country before a ruling.

Over 391,000 people have entered Hungary this year, though the number has fallen to around a dozen a day since the government also closed its border with Croatia to migrants in mid-October.

Fences are going up, and Hungary has concluded that the VAST majority of migrantsARE NOT QUALIFIED as asylum seekers.  Europe is not planning on turning back 99 plus percent of these migrants, and this will cause tensions within Europe.

Expect to seecivil unrest elsewhere in Europe including Germany. The migrant situation is one of many factors that will lead to civil unrest in Europe.

At this news page, I first reported that we may see civil unrest in Europe on November 3, 2007. Specifically related to austerity protests, back in 2010 (see Civil War in Greece?), I warned, “Austerity measures in Europe will likely cause civil unrest.”

News Presenter:  John Hickey

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