EU leaders keeping low profile on Brexit vote

Jean Claude Juncker

Jean Claude Juncker


Notice something from the German press about the soon coming Brexit vote:

June 6, 2016

Is it fear of the opponent, or a clever tactic? EU leaders have gone missing in the run-up to Britain’s EU referendum. At the moment, trips to the dis-United Kingdom are being avoided like the plague. British EU Commissioner Jonathan Hill was the last EU dignitary that dared travel to London – 14 days ago.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has muzzled himself. He has said that he intends to be “as quiet as possible” on the issue. The same goes for the rest of Brussels’ EU crew. The President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, urgently warned of the negative consequences of a Brexit, but he did so in a safe haven – an experts’ conference in Brussels.

The EU – that embarrassing thing in Brussels

The EU, and especially the European Commission, are extremely unpopular in the finicky kingdom. Therefore, Juncker’s communications strategists have decided that the best course of action is to remain as invisible as possible. It must be said that it is shameful that EU leaders lack the confidence to fight for their own interests.  …

EU Commission President Juncker has given up trying to understand the logic of the whole debate. …Should we be ashamed?

When the dust settles after the explosion that will be the June 23 referendum, people in Brussels will have to ask themselves if remaining silent was really the right strategy. Is it not more forthright to state one’s opinion, even it is not asked for? Ultimately, the vote is about the fate of the European Union, and not just about one country’s domestic interests.

One would like to scream, “Show more courage!” to the EU’s leaders. Make a clear statement! …

To stand up loud and clear for more Europe is out – tiptoeing is the order of the day. Even EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has admitted to silencing himself – something that is very much out of character for him. Is that really the right plan of action to convince Eurosceptics? One who is ashamed of doing the right thing can excite no one.

European Commission President Juncker has been bold enough in the past to say that he wants a European army to deal with Russia. He also wants an army so that EUROPE will be taken seriously internationally (see EU Commission President Juncker calls for a European army in the face of the threat from Russia).

Yet, he and others do not want to ‘complicate’ matters by trying to encourage voters in the UK to stay in the European Union.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron was publicly opposed to Jean-Claude Juncker becoming EU Commission President. He felt that the policies of Jean-Claude Juncker may well persuade voters in the UK to pull out of the European Union. He also tried to negotiate a better deal for the UK to stay in the EU with Juncker.

Now with the vote for this coming up later this month, Jean-Claude Juncker is mainly keeping quiet about it. He perhaps does not wish to be blamed if the UK votes to leave the EU. But he will get some blame if it happens.

(The departure of the UK from the EU has been called a Brixit or Brexit, meaning a British exit. As far as the UK’s role in the future, as I have written many times before, the UK will not remain a major power in the final European configuration. The UK will be taken over and essentially devoured by the Beast power (cf. Daniel 11:39; for more details see Anglo – America in Prophecy & the Lost Tribes of Israel). And it may well leave prior to its final formation.)

I do find it noteworthy that we have another in the German press who seems to be calling for strong and firm leadership in the EU. Presuming that the UK votes to leave the EU, the EU’s lack of strong leadership is already in the process of being blamed.

The Bible shows that a couple of reorganizations will take place in Europe in Revelation 17:12-13) and this will result in a type of strong leader that many in Europe seem to crave.

News presenter:  John Hickey