Why Aren't All Christians Multi-Millionaires?


In Malachi 3, God promises great blessings for those who pay their tithes and give offerings. So, why aren't all real Christians who do so not multi-millionaires? Did Job and Jeremiah wonder why some of wicked were prosperous? Did the Apostle Peter have much silver or gold? Are winners of massive lottery prizes happier than before they won? What would happen if God provided massive financial prosperity to those who tithed? Does faith have anything to do with this? Would all real Christians benefit from vast amounts of monetary wealth? Does God want Christians to prosper and be in health? If so, why are there financial and health problems? Is the love of money a root of any kind of evil? What does God want from you? Are some blessings spiritual? Dr. Thiel answers these questions.

A written article of related interest is available titled "How Come All Christians Are Not Multi-Millionaires?" URL: https://www.ccog.org/how-come-all-chr...

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