Proverbs 26-28: Giving Answers, Making Right Decisions


This is the ninth part of a multi-part sermon series covering the Book of Proverbs. In this sermon,. Dr. Thiel covers all the verses in the 26th, 27th, and 28th chapters of the Book of Proverbs. He goes over cause and effect and why Christians are affected in ways they did not seem to directly cause. He goes over verse related to fools, gossip, persecutions, and nagging, and the use of wisdom in terms of response. He goes over items that God's word says to do as well as not to do. He even discusses work, money, clothes, wool, and goat's milk. He also discusses prophetic ramifications of some of the verses in the Book of Proverbs. Furthermore, he ties in various passages in the New Testament to show that the scriptures in Proverbs are also intended for Christians in the end times--included will and will not be protected in the wilderness (Revelation 12:13-17) during the time of the Beast and Antichrist. Dr. Thiel also warns about this promoting destructive heresies.

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