All Hallowed Saints' Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead decorations (Tomascastelazo).

Day of the Dead decorations


October 31st is called Halloween, meaning All hallow's evening. November 1st is observed by Catholics, Anglicans, and Lutherans as All Saints' Day. November 2nd is observed by Catholics as All Souls Day, to pray for those supposedly in Purgatory. For the first two days in November some observe the Day of the Dead. Are any of these original Christian practices? If not, where did they come from? What does the Pantheon have to do with any of these? Where any pagan gods and goddesses transformed into Catholic saints? Should any pray to the dead? What about lighting candles? What have Catholics written about these matters? What have Protestants supporters stated? Can any other than Jesus the Christ be the interceder? What does the Bible teach about the dead? Should any of these "dead" holidays be observed? Does the Bible tell us what days to celebrate? Dr. Thiel addresses these issues and more.

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