Weekly News Summary 28 December 2018


The idea of a European army keeps being discussed. Germany, also, wants to recruit EU citizens into its army (see Germany’s Bundeswehr floats idea of recruiting EU citizens). Some say a European army is necessary, while others do not believe this a serious possibility (e.g. European Army: ‘Necessary’ or ‘not a serious suggestion’? However, those of us who properly understand biblical prophecy realize that it will happen (cf. Daniel 11:25, 39-43).

Over in the UK, Oxford scientists are concerned that a solar flare could one day greatly damage the economy of the United Kingdom (see ‘The Next Big Solar Storm Could Cripple Britain’s Infrastructure With £16 Billion Worth Of Damage’). But something similar, or even worse, could be caused intentionally and cause even more damage. Several nations have the capability of setting off electromagnetic pulse weapons–such weapons might one day cause damage to the UK, USA, Israel, and/or other nations.

The USA is more and more looking like a house that is divided against itself (Matthew 12:25). Currently ‘non-essential’ aspects of its federal government are shutdown over divisions on border security (see ‘White House insists anew on border wall funding’). Such divisions will not end well for the USA (Luke 11:17; Daniel 11:39).

Over in Indonesia, a tsunami hit and hundreds died (see Over 400 killed by tsunami: Could it happen to you?). The warning system many Indonesians trusted, did not work as hoped. Many did not have the time to take action as they thought they would be able to. The Great Tribulation is coming (Matthew 24:21-22). Christians need to heed the Bible’s warnings and be gathered together (Zephaniah 2:1-3) and doing the Philadelphian work (Revelation 3:7-13), and not think they can delay doing so (cf. Matthew 24:45-51).

Radio News Reporter: John Hickey.

News sound effect: Recorded by Maximilien.