Weekly News Summary 15 March 2018


Last Friday, the Temple Institute discussed the reading of passages in the Old Testament regarding a female cow called a red heifer. It said that it is monitoring various candidates (see Temple Institute reports about red heifers to prepare for animal sacrifices in Jerusalem). It erroneously claims that ‘the fate of the world’ depends on the red heifer. Well, the fate of the world depends on God intervening to stop humanity from destroying itself (cf. Mark 13:19-20). That being said, the sermonette recommended for this Sabbath is related to this: Red Heifers and the Fate of the World.

This past Tuesday was Pope Francis’ 5th anniversary as the Roman pontiff. During his pontificate, he has pushed a worldly ecumenical/interfaith agenda and is helping to set up conditions for the final Antichrist (see After five years, Pope Francis acts like an antipope and is setting the stage for the final Antichrist). He, himself, appears to be too old to fill that role. However, it probably should be mentioned that Catholic prophecies have pointed to the successor of Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI to be a candidate for that role. We will see. And of course, Benedict XVI is still alive. The next pontiff may be the final Antichrist. Note: I call the term “final Antichrist” as the Apostle John wrote that there was not only an Antichrist coming, but many antichrists even in his day (1 John 2:18).

As far as the interfaith agenda goes, Saudi Arabian Crown Prince made statements supportive of that agenda (see Saudi Crown Prince ‘commits to interfaith tolerance’). As far as Saudi Arabia goes, the Crown Prince also said it would develop a nuclear bomb if Iran gets one (see ). The Bible shows that a King of the South will form (Daniel 11:40-43) which will include Arabs. Because of prophecies like Daniel 11:40 and Ezekiel 30:2-8, it is likely that the King of the South confederation will have some weapons of mass destruction, possibly including nuclear ones.

A Russian political leader, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, has stated that one day Russia would make Europe tremble (see Russian politician warns, ‘Europe, you shall tremble.’ Did you know the Bible teaches that?). Sometime AFTER the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and parts of the Middle East and North Africa are conquered by the European Beast power (Daniel 11:39-43), Russia and various Asian ‘kings’ will cause Europe to fear and tremble (Daniel 11:44-45; Jeremiah 50:41-43).

Yet, before that, Europe will cause places like the UK to be conquered. On Tuesday, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker stated that the UK would regret its decision to leave the European Union (see Brexit: Jean-Claude Juncker tells UK that the time will come when it ‘will your regret decision’). The UK will be shocked when it is taken over (cf. 1 Thessalonians 5:3). France’s President Macron has told India that, at least partially because of Brexit, India should consider France, and not the UK as the gateway to Europe (see Emmanuel Macron wants France to replace Britain as India’s ‘gateway to Europe’). Things are happening in Europe that the UK (and others like the USA) will not like.

Also, over in Europe, we are seeing more legislation implemented related to Sunday laws. Poland just began to implement one that is to get more and more restrictive in the next couple of years (see Poland implementing Sunday shopping ban). The Church of Rome, which correctly claims it did not get Sunday from the Bible, but from its own ecclesiastical traditions (see The Christian Sabbath) was pleased with the Polish move (see Poland implementing Sunday shopping ban). Commandment breaking, including choosing Sunday over Saturday, will be a mark of the Beast (see also Mark of the Beast).

We continue to see world events align with our biblical views on prophecy.


Radio News Reporter: John Hickey.

News sound effect: Recorded by Maximilien.