Weekly News Summary 15 February 2018


An advisor to Pope Francis declared that China was the nation that was best implementing Catholic policies and should be an example for the rest of the world (see Vatican’s China plans considered a betrayal by many–but is China the nation that is ‘best implementing the social doctrine of the Church’?). Many, in and out of China, do not see it that way. And many are upset about a proposed Vatican agreement with China that basically will recognize Chinese state control over the Roman Catholic Church in that land (again, see Vatican’s China plans considered a betrayal by many–but is China the nation that is ‘best implementing the social doctrine of the Church’?). The time will come when the church of the ‘city of seven hills’ will make more deals with the coming ‘Beast of the sea’ (Revelation 13 and 17). But the time will come when supporters of that Beast will destroy the Church of Rome (Revelation 17:15-18).

The financial markets in the USA and other places have been a been jittery (see CBS and Jesus on: ‘Why you shouldn’t worry about stocks slumping’).

Despite a campaign statement about keeping the US annual deficit below USD$400 billion per year, analysts are projecting over $1 trillion ($1000 billion) per year (see Conservatives lash out at GOP spending binge; 18 reasons that the Trump Administration has been ‘Apocalyptic’). This will not end well for the USA (cf. Habakkuk 2:6-8).

USA debt and deficit spending have emboldened Gentile nations like Russia and China to take steps to bypass the US dollar for international trade. Currently, analysts expect that the so-called ‘petroyuan’ will be introduced on March 26, 2018 (see Russia prepared to drop SWIFT; China preparing for launch of petroyuan). While that will not eliminate the US dollar, in time, we will see more and more steps to no longer rely on it for international trade. That will greatly affect the economy of the USA.

In the USA, a 19 year-old was arrested today who was believed to have killed at least 17 people (see Teen gunman arrested after at least 17 killed). As people have less respect for biblical morality, we continue to see more and more senseless violence.

Iran and Israel have been in the news because of military skirmishes (e.g. Hezbollah downs Israeli F-16, Israel carries out ‘large scale attack’ in Syria). Although both nations seem to have confidence in their superiority over the other (see Israel and Iran: This will not turn out well for either of them), Bible prophecy shows that both of them ultimately will be damaged beyond what either tends to think can happen (cf. (Isaiah 22:5-12 and Ezekiel 32:24).

Speaking of Iran, some of its leaders have stated an interest in joining the Eurasian Economic Union (see Iran close to joining Eurasian Economic Union; EAEU wants to work with the European Union). If Iran does so, it will be the first nation to join that was NOT part of the old Soviet Union. A coalition of the ‘kings of the east’ (cf. Revelation 16:12) is forming.


Radio News Reporter: John Hickey.

News sound effect: Recorded by Maximilien.