Pope Francis loosens up marriage dissolution for Catholics, and continues pushing for his type of unity

Pope Francis announced his plans to make it easier for Roman Catholics to get divorced, though they use the term ‘annulment:

September 8, 2015

Pope Francis announced Tuesday procedures to simplify the Roman Catholic Church’s costly and complicated process of annulling marriages.

The new law, announced at a news conference held by the Holy See, allows for fast-track decisions and removing automatic appeals in a bid to speed up and simplify the procedure.

The new rules were created by a commission created by the pontiff a year ago to simplify the procedure while “safeguarding the principle of the indissolubility of marriage.”

The annulment process has long been criticized for being complicated, costly and out of reach for many Catholics, especially in poor countries where dioceses don’t have marriage tribunals.

While insisting that marriage remains an indissoluble union, Francis said the reform is aimed at speeding up and simplifying the process so that the faithful can find justice.

Catholic doctrine does not recognize divorce, and members who divorce and re-marry are considered to be living in sin and are banned from receiving communion and other church sacraments.

Under the current annulment procedure, a church tribunal must find that the previous marriage was bound to fail. The reasons may vary, including a lack of maturity, failing to understand that marriage is a lifelong commitment, or that one of the spouses did not want children.http://www.voanews.com/content/pope-francis-to-announce-reforms-to-marriage-annulment-process/2951974.html

September 8, 2015

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis has radically reformed the Catholic Church’s process for annulling marriages, allowing for fast-track decisions and removing automatic appeals in a bid to speed up and simplify the procedure.

Francis issued a new law Tuesday regulating how bishops around the world determine when a fundamental flaw has made a marriage invalid. Catholics must get this church annulment if they want to remarry in the church. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/pope-makes-big-changes-in-marriage-annulment-process/

September 8, 2015

Pope Francis on Tuesday announced sweeping reforms to the Catholic Church’s marriage annulment process, changes that are designed to speed up and simplify the often lengthy procedure. The changes, according to Vatican experts, appear to be the most far-reaching made to the church’s annulment process in centuries.

The announcement, containing reforms that will make it easier for Catholics to remarry, comes about a month before a major meeting at the Vatican, where Catholic leadership will examine the church’s views on family issues, including divorce and remarriage.

The changes will eliminate a requirement that all annulment decisions get a second judgement and will allow local bishops to expedite the annulment process for some cases. The reforms also expand the local bishop’s role in judging nullification proceedings. Although dramatic, the changes do not alter the Catholic Church’s teaching that marriages are permanent.

The reforms were announced in two Apostolic Letters from Francis, which, translated from their Latin titles, are called “The Gentle Judge, The Lord Jesus” and “The Meek and Merciful Jesus.” They were presented at a press conference at the Vatican on Tuesday.  http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/acts-of-faith/wp/2015/09/08/pope-francis-is-reforming-the-catholic-churchs-marriage-annulment-process/

A divorce, by any other name, smells the same.  The Church of Rome authorizes divorce (without calling it that) and remarriage based upon different criteria than Jesus (see Matthew 5:31-32) or the Apostle Paul (1 Corinthians 7:10-15) taught.

Anyway, just like Pope Francis recently announced that those involved with abortions can come back into full communion with the Church of Rome (see Pope Francis temporarily to reduce his church’s penalty for abortion. Why is he coming to the USA this month?), he is making it easier for those who wish to divorce to be part of the Church of Rome.  These changes are part of the ecumenical agenda he has been pushing. ... Read full article.



News Presenter:  John Hickey