9/11: Terrorism has been growing; Muslim arrested for plot against Kansas today

                   United Airlines’ Flight 175 Hitting South Tower, 9/11/2001

                   United Airlines’ Flight 175 Hitting South Tower, 9/11/2001

A claimed Muslim was arrested for plotting a terrorist act for today:

September 11, 2015

A Florida man is charged with plotting to set off an explosion at a 9/11 event. The FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force arrested 20-year-old Joshua Ryne Goldberg Thursday in Florida. Prosecutors say he told an online informant how to make the bomb he wanted. …

According to court documents, he had set his sights on bombing a 9/11 memorial event — the Kansas City Stair Climb. …

According to investigators, Goldberg encouraged the informant to build a pressure cooker bomb similar to what was used in the Boston Marathon bombing.

He allegedly wrote, “Put as much sharp stuff as you can in there” and “use shards of metal and nails.”

It was enough for police to make the arrest.

If convicted, Goldberg could get up to 20 years behind bars.

According to court documents, online, Goldberg presented himself as a Muslim living in Australia who supported ISIS.  http://www.cbsnews.com/news/alleged-911-terror-plot-florida-man-joshua-goldberg-posed-as-muslim-in-australia/

Americans believe that the threat of terrorism is worsening. Notice the following that came out last year:

September 10, 2014

The nation is on edge in the wake of brutal beheadings of journalists by Islamic extremists, with more Americans saying the United States is less safe now than at any point since 9/11, a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll shows.

The exclusive poll reveals that 47% of Americans believe the country is less safe now than before the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. That’s a significant increase from even a year after the twin towers fell when in September 2002 just 20% of the country said the nation was less safe. The level of fear across America also is up substantially from last year when 28% felt the same way.

In fact, just 26% of Americans now feel the nation is safer than before 9/11.http://www.inlandnewstoday.com/story.php?s=34800

The belief that the USA is at a greater terrorist threat is correct–it is NOT just the result of media coverage or personal perception.  Terrorist incidents, according to the US government, are increasing (see State Department: 35% increase in terrorist activities).  And that does not include many incidents involving police officers in the past year that are not considered to be terrorist acts.

It should be noted that, in many ways, ultimately, it will be worse than Americans believe possible.

I believe that the Bible shows that King of the North will invade (Daniel 11:39) and in conjunction with the terrorism from King of the South(Psalm 83:3-8) will cause the end of the USA and this is at least alluded to in Deuteronomy 32:25. The King of the South will be a type of confederation of states in North Africa and the Middle East according to Daniel 11:40-43.

Since 9/11/2001, the USA has thwarted many suspected terrorist plots. It, also however, has done so with the view that it can deny its residents of most, it not all, of the liberties that the USA has long been proud of. How it now treats its residents and visitors at airports, including disabled ones, is let’s simply say, intrusive... Read full article

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News Presenter:  John Hickey