Truth about the Holy Spirit: What THEY do not want you to know!


Do you know what the Bible teaches about the Holy Spirit? Are you certain? Is the truth what the ecumenists believe or something else? Because of intentional mistranslations and improper explanations, most do not know the truth about the Holy Spirit. In the Old Testament 'gender' of the word normally translated in English as 'spirit' is feminine. In the New Testament 'gender' the word normally translated in English as 'spirit' is neuter. Is it thus appropriate to consider that the Holy Spirit is a "He"? What did early writers like Ignatius, Melito, Theophilus, and Irenaeus teach? What about apostates such as Montanus and Valentinus? Did early Christians teach that the Holy Spirit was the third person of a co-equal trinity or something else? If something else, how many centuries was it before the 'personhood' of the Holy Spirit was accepted by most of the Greco-Romans? Were most Greco-Romans ditheists or binitarian in the early to mid fourth century? Did this 'trinitarian decree' require a decree backed by force in the late 4th century? What was the result of the Council of Constantinople in the 381 A.D.?

Where do the terms unitarian, binitarian, Semi-Arian, and trinitarian come from? Which of them conveys the truth about the existing Godhead?

Who is the "THEY" that do not want people to truly know the truth about the Holy Spirit or early Christian views of the Godhead? A written article is also available titled "Did Early Christians Think the Holy Spirit Was A Separate Person in a Trinity?" URL:

Note: In this sermon Dr. Thiel mentioned that the sun-god worshiping Emperor Constantine may have first introduced the term "hypostasis," but Dr. Thiel meant to say the term "homoousis," a term Constantine proposed to explain the trinity--translated into English as "one essence." Our apologies for any confusion this may cause.