Mark 10-12: Marriage, Divorce, Needle Eye, Greatest Command, & Taxes

  17th century artist Pasquale Ottino’s portrayal of Peter dictating the gospel being penned by Mark

17th century artist Pasquale Ottino’s portrayal of Peter dictating the gospel being penned by Mark


This is the fourth part of a multi-part sermon series covering the entire Gospel According to Mark. In it, Dr. Thiel begins with Mark 10:1 and covers all the verses in that chapter until the end of chapter 12. He goes over Jesus being asked about divorce, and Jesus' comments about marriage and adultery--he also goes over part of the Church of God wedding ceremony. Dr. Thiel also discusses the blessing of children, infant baptism, eternal life, the eye of a needle, rich people and the Kingdom, Jesus riding a colt, producing fruit, faith, prayer, forgiveness, God's authority, taxes, love, the greatest commandments, purgatory, and the widow's two mites.

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