Great Monarch: Messiah or False Christ?


Since at least the fourth century A.D., there have been predictions of a "king of the Romans and the Greeks" who is commonly now called the Great Monarch. He is predicted to make the world some version of Catholic. He is supposed to be the head of a resuscitated Roman Empire. He is predicted to eliminate English-nations, eliminate Protestantism, force Muslims out of Europe, convert pagans, enforce crosses, and defeat Islamic nations in the Middle East and North Africa. Could any of this have to do with WWIII? Some believe that Jewish writings, Eastern Orthodox seers, and the Septuagint predict this 'Great King' will be the anointed Messiah to save humankind prior to and after the Antichrist. Would, instead, such a leader be a false christ, such as Jesus warned of? Do biblical, Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and other writings point to support of the idea of such a coming European monarch? Is this monarch the Beast or is the Beast some type of Judeo-Christian or Judeo-Masonic entity? Is New Babylon good or bad? Dr. Thiel cites numerous scriptures, Greek Orthodox writings, Roman Catholic writings, and other sources to provide what Christians should want to know.

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