Exodus 8-9: Plagues and Prophecy

Artist’s portrayal of the fourth plague

Artist’s portrayal of the fourth plague


This is the third of a multi-part sermon series on the Book of Exodus. In this sermon, Dr. Thiel begins with the eighth chapter and covers all of the verses through the end of the ninth chapter. He discusses the plagues of frogs, lice, swarms, pestilences, and hail. He connects these plagues with various gods and goddesses of Egypt to point out that God was demonstrating to the Egyptians that their gods could not protect them like Heqet (frogs), Geb (lice and boils), Amon-Ra (swarms), Neith (swarms), Apis (animal pestilence), Hathor (animal pestilence), Nut (hail), Shu (hail), Isis (hail), Seth (hail), etc. He also mentions come ancient historical documents that support the biblical account. admonishes people not to lie or break their word like Pharaoh did. Dr. Thiel tied various plagues of Egypt in with prophesied plagues in the Book of Revelation.. He also tied in several of the plagues with other parts of the New Testament and explained the relevance of these matters to Christians today. A written article of related interest is available titled "Reasons, Proofs, and Ramifications of the Ten Plagues of Exodus" URL: http://www.cogwriter.com/ten-plagues-...



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