CCOG Q&A: Cremation, Garner Ted Armstrong, Jew or Hebrew?


In this sermon, Dr. Thiel answers questions that have been submitted to the Church of God on many topics, such as:

Is cremation acceptable for Christians?

Can you wear garments of mixed fabrics?

Does Romans 14:5-6 eliminate Holy Days?

How should Christians dress?

Is it right to have pictures of Jesus?

Does Matthew 27:5 contradict Acts 1:18-19?

What happened to Garner Ted Armstrong?

Can you use a heart symbol? Should you trust 'The Urantia Book'?

What about dinosaurs and the age of the world?

What are the origins of Native Americans, often called Indians?

Can you use Proctor and Gamble products?

Does 1 Kings 8:9 contradict Hebrews 9:4?

Who is the 'elect lady' of 2 John 1? Was Abraham a Jew?

What is a Hebrew?

What was Ambassador Foundation for? Is 'Amen' pagan?

Dr. Thiel goes through scriptures, facts, COG documents, and historical information to provide answers.