200+ OT prophecies Jesus filled; Plus prophecies He made


How sure is your foundation? Do you know the 200+ prophesies from the Old Testament that Jesus filled? Are you interested in growing in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ. This is the fourth part of a four part sermon series covering over 200 statements/prophecies from the Old Testament that the New Testament shows that Jesus filled/fulfilled. You can know, with certainty, that Jesus is the prophesied Messiah. In this sermon, Dr. Thiel not only competes going over the 200+ Hebrew prophecies, he also goes over many predictions that Jesus made that the records of history, outside of the New Testament, show came to pass. Jesus was the prophesied Messiah.

A free online book of related interest is available titled "Proof Jesus is the Messiah" URL: http://www.cogwriter.com/ProofJesusis...

Proof Jesus is the Messiah Sermon Series

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Part 4: 200+ OT prophecies Jesus filled; Plus prophecies He made

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