Russia and China increase military cooperation as Eurasian Economic Union expands with Kyrgyzstan

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Russia and China are increasing military cooperation and some are concerned how the USA could be impacted:

August 20, 2015

The U.S. has little time to come up with a well-defined plan on what to do about the relations between Russia and China that are getting more intimate by the second…the Russian and Chinese navies will hold their largest joint military drills called ‘Joint Sea 2015 (II)’ to take place from tomorrow (August 20) through August 28.The drills will be held in the Sea of Japan and is an extension of Joint Sea-2015 (I), which was the naval drills held by the two countries in the Mediterranean Sea back in May. Japan, the U.S. ally in Asia, is on full alert about the exercises being so close to its shores.

The week-long exercises will involve seven Chinese warships, five warplanes, six shipborne helicopters, 21 amphibious vehicles and 200 marines. From the Russian side, there will be 12 naval aircraft, 20 battleships, nine amphibious vehicles, two submarines and 200 marines.

It must be noted that the Chinese Navy has not conducted any military drills in this area before. Over the past decade, Beijing and Moscow have held five major joint military drills.

Strategic foolishness of the U.S. ....

News Presenter:  John Hickey