What were early Christian church services like?

   The Bible Hymnal  of the  Continuing Church of God  Consists Mainly of Psalms and Biblical Passages Set to Music

The Bible Hymnal of the Continuing Church of God Consists Mainly of Psalms and Biblical Passages Set to Music


Were original Christian church services like today's Roman Catholic mass? Were they like modern Protestant or Eastern Orthodox church services? What does the Bible reveal? What do we learn from early church history? What do Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Protestant scholars teach? If the early format is 'unchangeable' as a Russian Orthodox scholar states, who has the correct and original format? What about hymns and the dress of the ministry/clergy? What is the format of Continuing Church of God services? Does the Continuing Church of God hold to original church services? Dr. Thiel answers these questions from the Bible, records of church history, as well as quotes from non-Church of God scholars.

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