CCOG Q&A: 144,000, Cross or Pole, 10 Commandments, and more!


Dr. Thiel continues the series of going through answering questions that were commonly posed to the old Worldwide Church of God. Using a binder that many speakers were given by that church that contained standardized letters that were sent to answer questions, Dr. Thiel answers them. Normally, in much greater detail than the normally single or double page answers that were given in the past by the old Radio and Worldwide Church of God. Subject covered included the 144,000 of Revelation 7 & 14, what the Greek shows regarding Jesus being executed on a cross or a pole, the original vs. changed numbering of the Ten Commandments, biblical teachings on use of musical instruments, whether those resurrected in Matthew 27:52-53 were physical or immortal, whether or not Jesus was a Jew, Jesus being the Son of Man, and Jesus' genealogies as shown in Matthew 1 and Luke 3. Aspects of church history were also discussed.

An online booklet related to history is available "Continuing History of the Church of God" URL: