Middle East Peace? When?

Bible News Prophecy Apr - Jun 2015 magazine cover

There are many proposals for peace in the Middle East. Many peace deals have been proposed and several agreed to. Yet, the area is full of war and conflict. Will bombing Islamic extremists bring peace? Will temporary cease-fire agreements bring peace? Will a caliphate that certain Muslims advocate bring peace? Will the type of regional confederation that Henry Kissinger and General Martin Dempsey seem to advocate bring peace? Will praying to Mary as Pope Francis often advocates bring peace? Will consecrating Russia to the 'immaculate heart of Mary' as Fatimists endorse bring peace? Will bombing Iran bring peace? Will building a third temple in Jerusalem bring peace? Will peace come to the Middle East before Jesus returns? Will a temporary peace come to the Middle East? When will war cease in the Middle East? Dr. Thiel answers these questions and more from history and the pages of your Bible.

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