18 items to prophetically watch in 2018

Four horsemen of Apocalypse

Can you rely on Bible prophecy? Should Christians pay attention to it? Did Jesus say to watch? Are world events aligning with properly understood biblical prophecies? Dr. Thiel goes over 18 items, including: 1. Scoffers and the Modern Media; 2. Morality Prophecies Being Fulfilled Daily; 3. Weather Sorrows and Troubles; 4. Earthquakes; 5. The White Horse of the Apocalypse; 6. Strife and the Red Horse of War; 7. Trade; 8. The Deal of Daniel 9:27; 9. Knowledge Increasing; 10. Debt; 11. US Dollar Dominance will Decrease; 12. Cash and 666; 13. Gold; 14. Europe Will Work to Reorganize and Have a Great Army; 15. Steps Towards the Formation of the King of the South Will Occur; 16. The Time of the Gentiles will Lead to Armageddon; 17. Jews Ready to Sacrifice;
18. The Fulfillment of Matthew 28:19-20 and Matthew 24:14. He also mentions various events consistent with those 18.

A written article of related interest is titled "18 items to prophetically watch in 2018" URL: http://cogwriter.com/2018prophecies.htm

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