Zombie Deer Disease is Here! Are the 10 Plagues on Egypt Coming?


The Seventh Plague: John Martin’s painting of the plague of hail (1823).


According to certain Jewish traditions, the ten plagues on Egypt are to be repeated before the Messiah comes. Some have wondered if ''Zombie Deer Disease,' officially knows as 'Chronic Wasting Disease' (which is spreading according to the US CDC) is confirmation of that Jewish view. In this video Dr. Thiel goes over each of the ten plagues that struck the Egyptians in the Book of Exodus and ties them in with prophecies in the Gospels and the Book of Revelation. These 'plagues' in the New Testament are to happen before Jesus returns. Are all ten to be repeated or are there at least some similarities between what happened to the Egyptians and what will happen in the Beginning of Sorrows, the Great Tribulation, and the Day of the Lord? Are we going to see waters turned to blood, 'frogs,' flying swarms, disease pestilences, hail, food shortages, darkness, and massive death? Will some be even worse in the end times than what afflicted Egypt? Are any Christians promised protection from the coming 'hour of trial'? Who and why? Dr. Thiel addresses these questions and more through scriptures in the Old and New Testaments.

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