The 'Experts' Have No Clothes!

Original illustration from “The Emperor’s New Clothes”

Original illustration from “The Emperor’s New Clothes”


In the 19th century, Hans Christian Anderson's 'The Emperor's New Clothes' was published. The story showed a willingness of people to overlook the obvious truth in order to fit in with the crowd. Are aspects of that story applicable now? Are the experts at Wikipedia and elsewhere who claim that the story of the exodus of the children out of Israel correct that this is a myth or that the creation account in Genesis is a myth? What about the Solbe Temple Inscription and the Ipuwer papyrus? n Nobel prize winners be wrong? Have they intentionally overlook true science? What about the existence of Jesus or the accuracy of the Gospel writers? Can you prove that Jesus existed? What about the views of certain 'experts' about sexual identity and morality? Dr. Thiel addresses each of these points with facts that disagree with the consensus of anti-biblical experts. He explains that like the Emperor who had no clothes, when the majority claimed to see them, many modern experts are just as wrong and hence figuratively should be considered as having no clothes (or truth).

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