Pope Francis holds ecumenical exorcism conference a Sign of the end?

Catholic Exorcism portrayal (Wikipedia)

Catholic Exorcism portrayal (Wikipedia)


From May 6th through the 11th, 2019, the Vatican hosted the '14th Course on Exorcism and Prayer.' For the first time ever, Pope Francis invited non-Catholic clergy to also attend. So, Roman Catholic priests, as well as Lutheran, Protestant, and Greek Orthodox clergy attended. Were they taught biblical exorcism or something else? What are some signs that prove that? Does any of this have to do with Babylon? Was this a conference promoting original Christian practices or more like something warned against? Did Jesus say that some will say they have cast out demons in His name, but that they were not real Christians?

A related written article is also available titled: Catholic hosted ecumenical exorcism class for the first time; Will people accept signs and lying wonders?

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