CCOG Q&A: 144,000, Cross or Pole, 10 Commandments, and more!

Dr. Thiel continues the series of going through answering questions that were commonly posed to the old Worldwide Church of God. Using a binder that many speakers were given by that church that contained standardized letters that were sent to answer questions, Dr. Thiel answers them. Normally, in much greater detail than the normally single or double page answers that were given in the past

Tithes and Tithing

Should Christians tithe? Historically, did Christians tithe? Was biblical tithing limited to agricultural produce? What exactly is a tithe? How does one calculate a tithe? In modern times, should one tithe on their gross or net income? How should salaried people calculate tithes? How should self-employed people calculate tithes?

Thanksgiving and Prayer

Should Christians give thanks and praise to God? Is this important? If so, how should this be done? What does the Bible teach about giving thanks and praise to God? Does faith fit in with any of this? What should we be thankful for? Can "The Bible Hymnal" with its Psalms help? What does the Bible teach happens to those who are unthankful?

Holy Day Plan of Salvation

Did God have a plan of salvation before the foundation of the world? Was the moon made to make God's Holy Days? What about common holidays? Did the apostles and early followers of Jesus keep the biblical Holy Days? Are they listed one place in the Bible? What are they? What to they mean? Does God have a plan of salvation that will result in most who ever lived being saved?