Ten Dangerous Protestant Prophetic Errors

Though they claim sola Sciptura, there are many errors that Protestant leaders teach that are wrong and misleading. These errors are dangerous and those who rely on the erroneous teachings above the Bible will face the Great Tribulation expectantly. The ten errors covered in this video include Blood Moons, the Pretribulation Rapture, Identity of Babylon, Russia and the ...

Continuing Church of God first year anniversary: What is being accomplished?

s the Continuing Church of God (CCOG) simply a small COG group or something more? This sermon explains some of what the Continuing Church of God has accomplished in its first 12 months of existence, which truly first began at the Day of Pentecost in Acts 2. What type of literature has been produced? How effective are its YouTube videos? Is it really one of the most effective COGs on the internet?

World Council of Churches Peace Plan

The World Council of Churches (WCC) announced that it launched an Ecumenical Peace Advocacy Network to build a just and sustainable peace, engaging churches, ecumenical organizations and civil society. The WCC claims to have over 300 member churches representing 500 million people. The Church of Rome is an official observer, but not a member. The WCC also has ties with the United Nations. Will the WCC plan bring real peace?

Does the 'Cenacle' deal have prophetic ramifications?

After a 20 year negotiation, the Church of Rome has negotiated the right to have Catholic mass in the building known as the Cenacle. It is in the area where the Church of God on Jerusalem's Western Hill once stood. This is believed to be the location of the earliest Christian church building. How does the Bible define the 'temple of God' in the New Testament? Could this be the area where the 'man of sin' will sit in the "temple of God' that Bible prophecy discusses in 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4?

The Temple, Prophecy, and the Work

Various Protestant scholars believe that the Bible requires that a third temple in Jerusalem will be built near the start of the tribulation. What did Jesus, Daniel, Paul, and John really write about this? Are there different Greek words translated as 'temple' in English? If so, do they always mean a physical building? What did Haggai and Ezra write about the temple and the work? Can sacrifices resume without a Jewish temple in Jerusalem?

What does the Bible Teach About Prayer (& Healing)?

What does the BIBLE teach about prayer? What should you pray for? What if what you want is difficult? What if what you want seems impossible? Should Jesus be part of your prayers? Does fasting play any role? What about healing. Dr. Thiel goes over 14 tips for more effective prayer and reviews his list of 28 tips. This is the second part of a two-part sermon.

Why Learn About Fatima?

Fatima was the name of Muhammed's favorite daughter as well as the location of a town in Portugual that had six monthly visits from a 'Lady' in 1917. What was really seen at Fatima? Why is Fatima important? What really appeared in Fatima, Portugal. Are their ecumenical plans and concerns related to this? How does any of this tie in with biblical and other prophecy? What type of sign or wonder was Fatima? Why do Christians need to know about this?