Claims of Apostolic Succession

Various churches claim to have something termed 'apostolic succession.' Does any church have this? Where does the concept teach? Is there biblical support for apostolic succession? Is the doctrine of the laying on of hands related? Did the gospel writer Mark found the Alexandrian Orthodox Church? How long could the Church of God in Antioch have held true succession?

Christianity: Two groups

While there have been many groups calling themselves Christians over the centuries, there essentially have been two groups. One group that held to the practices and doctrines of the apostles, with another group incorporating non-biblical traditions and practices. Early theological writers identified the two major groups in the second century.

How YOU Can Overcome Sin

Jesus died for our sins. Do you know what the Bible says sin is? Can you overcome sin? What if you have failed in the past? How should you handle various temptations? Does the Bible teach us how to overcome sin? Is there a weight-loss secret that can help? Are Christians supposed to overcome in this age? Can the Holy Days, like the Days of Unleavened Bread, assist us in learning how to overcome sin?

Cause and Effect: Two Trees, Two Ways

Is everything random? Or is there a cause for every effect? How does the Book of Genesis begin? There were two trees in the Garden of Eden that humanity was to chose between, and it chose the one the serpent promoted. Has that been the case with the bulk of humanity since? Are there only two ways? The way or GIVE and the way of GET? The way of truth and the way of lies? God's way or the way of the knowledge of good and evil?

Christians, Change, and the Days of Unleavened Bread

What are the Days of Unleavened Bread? Should Christians keep them? What does the Bible teach? What is leaven? What does leaven represent? What does unleavened bread represent? How do Christians keep the Days of Unleavened Bread? Does the New Testament teach anything about it? Why seven days? Should you be examining yourself then? Once we are converted and accept Jesus' sacrifice do we really need to change?