Ephesus Church Era

Ephesus is the first of seven churches mentioned in the Book of Revelation. It was considered the most prosperous city outside of ancient Rome. It was a city on the Aegean Sea. Where the Ephesians Gentiles? What beliefs did they hold. What was the period of time that the Ephesian church era dominated? What happened towards the end of its era?

The Past and Future Inquisition

According to Roman Catholic sources, the Inquisition was began by Pope Lucius III in 1184. In the next century, Pope Innocent IV officially authorized inquisitors to use torture. This video was shot in Europe and includes night scenes from Barcelona, Spain. The Spanish Inquisition, early Roman Empire persecutions, and Protestant persecutions are discussed.

Pentecost: What it Teaches and When it is

Pretty much all who claim Christianity have heard of Pentecost. Many even observe it to some degree. But most do not fully understand what it means, and many have wrong ideas about it. Dr. Thiel explains several of the names the Bible uses for Pentecost (like Feast of Weeks and Feast of the Firstfruits), as well as several of its meanings, and its possible connection to the Ten Commandments.

Spiritual Gifts

Christians are told to desire spiritual gifts and to have the gifts of the Spirit. What are they? How are they granted? What about faith, knowledge, wisdom, prophecy, dreams, healings, tongues, and love? What gifts are the most important for a Christian to develop?