An exciting addition on our radio channel, is our Continuing Church of God (CCOG) audio.  Bringing you in depth knowledge on bible topics, unveiling the truth from the Bible and history.  Enhance your bible knowledge, tune in to listen to our latest.  You can also inspect our considerable range of bible subjects below and listen, simply click on the title.  Some items include:  What is the Mark of the Anti-Christ?; CCOG Answers: The Soul, Reincarnation, Creeds and Michael the Archangel; Genesis, 'Prehistoric Man' and the Gap theory; The Rise of the Germanic Beast Power of Prophecy; Heaven and Christianity; Ten Kings of Revelation and the Great Tribulation; Crime and How it Will Be Stopped!; Galatians: What Law was Added? What Law was Abolished?; Prayer: What Does the Bible Teach? and much more