Hurricanes and Prophecy

Hurricane Harvey dropped the greatest amount of rainfall in any USA storm. Hurricane Irma was the strongest hurricane ever in the Atlantic. Hurricane Irma wiped out most of the island of Barbuda, caused a million to lose power in Puerto Rico, devastated St. Martin's, hit Cuba, and hit Florida. A news headline stated " 'Nature’s gone crazy': Winds, fire, floods and quakes plague North America." Is there any tie to prophecy? Are heavy winds and rains discussed in the Bible?

Did Jesus fail?

World Net Daily editor concluded that former US President Jimmy Carter claimed that Jesus failed. Jesus was not accepted by His religious leaders, betrayed by His disciples, and killed by the Romans. Did Jesus fail or what His death and sacrifice part of God's plan? What is His plan now? Is it happening?

False Conversion

Are you truly converted? Is it possible to call Jesus "Lord" and not be a Christian? What is sin? Do real Christians keep the Ten Commandments? Are you saved by grace? What about works? Were there false conversions in the New Testament? Are modern churches affected by the doctrines of some who were falsely converted in the first and second centuries?

Canadian censoring of the Bible

In 2017, Lauri Skori of the Battle River School board told a religious school in Alberta, Canada that it could not teach/read certain portions of the Bible. In 2002, a court in Canada ruled against one who referred to certain scriptures that some homosexuals objected to. In 2017, there was "An Act to Amend the Canadian Human Rights Act and Criminal Code"

Solar Eclipse and the Apocalypse

According to NASA scientists, a massive solar eclipse is to occur on August 21, 2017. Some claim that it is apocalyptic and they will be raptured then. Mark Biltz, of 'blood moon' fame, citing Genesis 1:14, says this is a sign of God for national repentance. Is it? Could Jeremiah 10:2 apply here? Mark Biltz and others tie this August 2017 solar eclipse in with Revelation 12--is that possible? Is there any solar eclipse associated with the Apocalypse?