Fatima and Pope Francis

Could end time prophecies be fulfilled by apparitions? May 13, 2017 marks the 100th anniversary of a 'Lady' that appeared before three shepherd children in Fatima, Portugal. The Vatican announced that Pope Francis will declare them Catholic saints on the 100th anniversary--how did the children describe what they saw? Is it possible that Jesus' mother Mary appeared at Fatima?

Mystery Babylon USA, Mecca, or Rome?

The Bible tells of an end-time Mystery Babylon the Great that sits on seven hills. While Catholic and Church of God scholars have identified this as Rome, others point to other cities. Some who profess Christ have pointed to the USA. Some Protestants, like Joel Richardson, have pointed to Mecca in Saudi Arabia. Which of these places meets the biblical criteria for 'Mystery Babylon'?

Trade Wars: Are COG warnings coming to pass?

Trade issues, tariffs, and talk of trade wars are in the news. Can trade wars lead to World War III like they did to World War II? Are the events going on with the USA, UK, Asia, and Europe consistent with warnings published by the true Church of God (COG) over the past several years and decades? Do Germany and China hope to take advantage of trade frictions involving the Trump Administration and the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement?

Donald: 'Trump of God' or Apocalyptic?

Europeans and others have major concerns about President Donald Trump. Will the 'Great Tribulation' (Matthew 24:21) start during the first term of Donald Trump's presidency? Various ones have claimed that US President Donald Trump is the "trump of God" (1 Thessalonians 4:16) and/or "the last trump" (1 Corinthians 15:51). What does the Bible really teach in those verses? Dr. Thiel explains why, instead of being the 'trump of God,' Donald Trump is apocalyptic, but why he also is NOT the final Antichrist.

Will the Great Tribulation Start in 2017?

There are various theories, signs, and opinions of ones who believe that the Great Tribulation will start in 2017. Some point to Nostradamus, some point to Fatima, some point to a solar eclipse for 21 August 2017, some point to Donald Trump, some point to Jubilee cycles, some point to the rebirth of the nation of Israel, some point to a possible Shemitah year, some point to a Jewish sage, others point to the Bible, and some claim a combination of reasons why the Bible supports their view that the tribulation will begin in 2017. ...

13 Ways President-Elect Trump is Apocalyptic

On late November 8, 2016, the pundits were surprised by the election of Donald Trump. Some people consider him the answer to growing globalist/interventionist US government. But there are at least 13 biblical reasons to understand that Donald Trump is apocalyptic. Dr. Thiel goes through 13 reasons, along with scriptures, why a Donald Trump presidency is apocalyptic and will take steps leading to the Great Tribulation. 

Internet Control, Famine of the Word, and 666

On October 1, 2016, the USA officially relinquished control over the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), despite objections from certain political leaders and former military officials. Might this lead to more censorship, imposition on non-biblical 'community standards,' and loss of first amendment rights? Could this transfer of control have any prophetic ramifications?

There are reasons for the 'Unease of 2016'

Brandon Smith reported that there was a definite unease in the USA and elsewhere in the world in 2016. Dr. Thiel goes over 7 of his points and explains why, biblically, there are reasons for concern. He discusses the general unease, the globalist agenda, Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton, risks of debt, physical preparations, the beginning of sorrows, riots, loss of personal liberties, the USA's loss of internet control on October 1, 2016, the coming famine of the word, ...